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Aromatherapy Back & Shoulder

Massage -Aromatherapy


An application of essential oils to maintain or restore both physical health and psychological well-being. It helps to relieve tension, stress and aching muscles.

An application of essential oils to maintain or restore both physical health and psychological well-being.


Time: 30 minutes Deep tissue back massage

Price: £30


Time: One Hour Full body massage

Price: £65





Using pre-blended aromatherapy oil to help relieve muscular tension in the back, neck and shoulders which we know to be the most common areas to retain the effect of stress. Leaving you totally relaxed and revived.


Time: 30 minutes massage                 

Price: £50

Time: 60 minutes massage                 

Price: £75


Imagine walking through a fragrant rainforest. A magical trip through tropical rainforest flowers of botanical extracts. The journey begins with a fragrant blend of floral notes of Rosewood & Bluebell followed by a fresh forest downpour. The fragrances slowly change on the skin over time as you walk through the freshly soaked ferns & green orchids of the rainforest.

An amazingly moisturising treatment with Rain Flower Oil.

Begin this tropical experience with a therapeutic massage. A blend of coconut oil, Soya and vitamin E infused with Ginseng hand blendes with an expert selection of exquisitely scented essential oils.

Rainforest Leaf Salt Scrub

A high-performance exfoliating Body Scrub formulated with a luxurious blend of nutrient-rich premium plant oils of natural mineral-rich sea salt with energising lime oil and adding oxidant rich green tea

Rain Plant Drenching Gel Mask

Saturate thirsty skin with this hydrating water-based gel, a blend of aloe vera, seaweed & cucumber, infused with essential oils

Forest Flowers Hydrating Lotion

Coconut oil, rosehip oil infused with our unique blend Soft floral essential oils of ylang-ylang, bluebell and orchid oil help to give a unique fresh rainforest flower fragrance

This tropical Spa experience includes Full Body Massage, body scrub, mask, moisturise. Relaxing for the body, nutritious for the skin, uplifting for the Mind & Spirit.

Time: 1 hour & 15 minutes                   Price: £120

G5 - Deep tissue anti-cellulite massage


G5 power deep tissue massage uses simultaneous vibrations & percussion movements to increase the venous flow and nutrients to underlying body tissues and the skin, stimulating blood circulation & lymphatic drainage system; which breaks down fat deposits, increases circulation, reducing blood pressure and rids the body of toxins and therefore, reducing the appearance of cellulite on area treated. This treatment will help clients with poor circulation, high blood pressure and also, clients trying to reduce body weight. Due to the frictional aspect associated with this treatment, it will also exfoliate the area of the skin under treatment, leaving the skin feeling silky soft and smooth.

It can be used as a pre-holiday body toning treatment and is particularly good for treating the back, shoulder, hips, buttock, thighs & Stomach.

It is ideal for providing the full benefits of Deep tissue Sports massage, relieving muscular aches & pains, flushing out lactic acid build-up during exercise to help recovery, decreasing the onset of Delayed Muscular Soreness (DOMS), relaxing tight muscles, relieving muscle cramps, increasing flexibility & mobility.

G5 message can be used for the treatment of Trigger Points; muscle contraction of hypersensitive areas or tension built up in muscles that can give rise to a painful site elsewhere in the body when stimulated.

G5 massage increases circulation by generating heat and thus assist in mobilising oedema fluids from around the area being treated to increase the range of motion that can result during inactivity. Increased surface circulation also reduces arterial degeneration, thus reducing the height of bony protrusions by relaxing the muscles surrounding the bones, and can be used for the treatment of Pressure Sores.


  • Improved Digestion

  • Improved Tissue Repair; ideal for muscle sprains, strains, spasms & pains

  • Improved Muscle tone

  • Provides the full benefits of Deep Tissue Sport Massage

  • Whole body De-stress & Detox massage

  • Breakdown adhesion between superficial & deep tissues, thus improving skin elasticity

  • Exfoliates the area of the skin being treated, leaving skin soft & smooth

  • Pressure Sore relieve

  • Weight Reduction

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Toxins Removal

  • Increases blood Circulation

  • Reduces High Blood Press

  • Fat Reduction

  • Trigger Point relieve

  • Oedema relieve


Time: Full body (30 minutes)              

Price: £45


Combination Course - Arasys Faradic Muscle toning & G5 message


3 Sessions of Faradic Muscle toning &

3 Sessions of G5

Price: £150


5 Sessions of Faradic Muscle toning &

5 Sessions of G5

Price: £225

Cupping & Massage Super Detox Treatment


The first part of this treatment utilises an ancient Chinese Cupping technique by creating negative pressure, i.e. creating suction. Cupping is used to; bring blood flow to stagnated muscles and skin, stimulate the peripheral nervous system, loosen adhesions to lift connective tissues, drain excess fluids and toxins. The treatment aids in losing body fat, improving digestion, tissue repair, muscle tone, reduce high blood pressure and de-stressing clients.

Finally, a soothing massage is applied to the area treated thus leaving you feeling totally renewed – A new you.

Be aware that the cupped area will appear reddish as this promotes localised blood flow – an effect which disappearance after about a week.

Benefits included;

  • Reduces High Blood Press

  • Fat Reduction

  • Improved Circulation

  • Improved Digestion

  • Improved Tissue Repair

  • Improved Muscle

  • De-stress


Time: 60 minutes treatment

Price: £75

Manicure                                           Price

Oil manicure with massage                  £20


Deep conditioning manicure

(Paraffin apricot wax to remove

hard skin, leaving skin nice, soft

and fresh)                                          £25




Pedicure with relaxing foot spa            £25


Deep conditioning Pedicure

(Paraffin apricot wax used to

remove hard skin, leaving skin

nice, soft and fresh)                             £30


Relaxation Area

Steam, Sauna (women)                       £15

Steam, Sauna & Jacuzzi (women)         £25

Sauna (men)                                      £10

Bali Heaven Spice Ritual

A traditional mix of exotic Balinese spices of Cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg has a stimulating warming effect to bring comfort to body aches and pains. The skin exfoliator and body warmer is especially recommended for those who have been active the whole day and need to relax, or perfect for the cold winter months.

Exotic spice oils using ancient massage techniques offering a variety of traditional healing therapies, a relaxing and energising experience using oils and dry massage techniques

Bali Heaven Boreh Spice Wrap

A truly authentic exotic feel, a warming combination of ground wild ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and clove to help eliminate muscle pain, helps ease rheumatism & improve circulation.



Coca-cino Body Wrap


These powders have been blended by hand.

A chocoholics dream. A purely delicious indulgent combination of cocoa, mild & coffee powders for a detoxifying & exfoliating effect, we add coffee to aid stimulation, circulation and toning helping to reduce cellulite and remove dead skin cells. Anti-stress moisturises and nourishes the skin, soothes and uplifts the senses

you will feel uplifted with no guilty feelings!

Cocoa & Cinnamon Body Butter.

cocoa Butter is one of nature's most effective emollients with a gorgeous vanilla-chocolate scent and an extraordinary smooth texture. Cinnamon is added to evoke a warm comforting fragrance.

Spend time in Bali Heaven. Full body massage with hot spice Wrap. Exotic spices stimulate and warm aches & pains.


Time: 1-hour treatment                   Price: £75

Monoi Melt-Tahitian Coconut Cocoon Spa Body Ritual
Monoi Melt-Tahitian Coconut Cocoon Spa Body Ritual

This Spa body Ritual consisting of the following:

Monoi & Coconut is one of the most widely used ingredients in Tahitian treatments. Used by Polynesian women for thousands of years. This luxurious tropical oil is one of age best things that ever happened to the skin.

Monoi & Frangipani-Coconut Massage Oil- cocooned in foil or massaged


Coconut Milk Body Scrub

using Tahitian coconut & milk paste using desiccated coconut flakes, full cream milk, ground rice powder and dried Jasmine, flowers to gently exfoliate and moisturise in one step leaving its sweet coconut milk scent on the skin

White Coconut Body Mask

After exfoliation cover the body with this luxurious smooth velvety white coconut oil body mask. Especially good for dry or ageing skin will comfort & relax leaving skin amazingly soft and supple.

Pure Coconut Body Butter

Soothes and nourishes sensitive dry skin anytime.






It will leave you with thoughts of long tropical holidays. Good enough to eat. Pure Indulgence.


Time: 1-hour treatment            Price: £75


Basti Tension Back & Shoulder Massage



Five minutes of heated pads to begin. A Back Neck and Shoulder deep pressure Massage using warm spice oils and Boreh Spice Back Wrap. For specific targeting of tight back muscles for maximum relief.

Back neck & shoulder massage with heated packs



Time: 30 minutes treatment            Price: £50

Lime & Green Tea Salt scrub



Rainforest Leaf Salt Scrub after gentle body brushing. The skin will be clean refreshed and oiled. Removed with tantalising hot towels and mitts.

Coconut Manicure

A luxurious anti-ageing hand treatment. Monoi is excellent for dry hands. 


Time: 30 minutes treatment             Price: £50

Indian Head Massage


Ancient shoulder & head massage using Spice Oils.


Time: 30 minutes treatment             Price: £50

Cancellations Notice

Clients are advised to give no less than 24 hours notice of any cancellations, failing this the full amount will be charged. 
No exceptions will be made.

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