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Personalised Weight Management & Nutritional Programmes

With our expert help and advice, combined with constant monitoring you will discover the new you. Achieve the body you desire with our personalised weight management and weight loss/gain programme.


Our personalised nutritional programmes will help you to arrive at your optimum body composition.

Our initial assessment may last one to two hours, during this session we'll assess your  currant body composition, Basal Metabolic Rate & daily nutritional/caloric needs.

Thereafter, we'll establish your realistic weight loss/gain goals, discuss food groups and their functions & recommend balanced food exchanges and correct portion sizes.

On a weekly basis, you're set realistic weight goal targets & also monitored via measurements to ensure that targets are being meet; followed by weekly counselling where necessary.

*Monthly charge (Members)               £90
*Monthly charge(Non-Members/Guest)   £100 
* Courses must be prepaid (24 hours notice is required for booking rescheduling/cancellation)

Health & Fitness

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